Based out of Denver, CO, DESTINO has consistently produced electronic pop music that creates an ambient nostalgia, reminiscent of youth. Since he first started producing and writing music in 2015, DESTINO has steadily grown his presence in and outside of Colorado. What started out as a bedroom project, quickly grew into a career worth pursuing for the young artist. With thousands of listeners on spotify, DESTINO's "sad boy" aesthetic has proven to be a sensation within the indie community.

After releasing his debut project under the UK based record label, SODA Tracks, in 2015, titled "SPARK", DESTINO began to grow his connections within the local industry of his hometown. Following the release of his debut single in November 2016, titled "STAY", DESTINO was offered a record deal with Cloud 9 Records, a Denver based startup label. On January 1, 2017 DESTINO released his Debut EP through Cloud 9, titled "HeartMelt", an experimental production record. Having kicked off the new year with a bang, DESTINO began to play live shows in February of 2017. Opening for acts at Cervantes' Other Side and Herman's Hideaway, DESTINO quickly scored his first headlining act at Moe's Barbecue and became a nominee for the Colorado Solo Artist Awards (which he would later on become a finalist for). June of 2017 would mark the release of DESTINO's second Cloud 9 released project, a 9-Tracker titled "Wide Eyed Youth".

Following the dissolution of Cloud 9 Records, DESTINO went on to create music independently and performed at festivals such as Cinco De Mayo, The People's Fair, and evenCenter Stage at Denver PRIDEFest. 

DESTINO is currently releasing new creative music and is putting together events centered around community and expression.